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    1. Which Laptop should I buy?

      Which Laptop should I buy?

      Need advice on which laptop to purchase? Ask our experts!
      Latest: Lenovo vs MSI vs HP Danny3942, Jul 9, 2018
    2. Laptop Hardware

      Laptop Hardware

      General laptop hardware discussions, i.e. CPUs, RAM, etc...
      Latest: Motherboard Replacement - TPM Chip Compatibility Question Super Cujo, Jul 19, 2018 at 7:04 PM
    3. Modding and Customization

      Modding and Customization

      Ask questions or let us know about your modding and customization projects in here.
      Latest: Medion erazer p6681 i5 7200u scott rose, May 20, 2018
    4. Storage


      Chat about any storage related hardware, DVD drives, SSDs, etc...
      Latest: Low disk space on Drive E something back, May 28, 2018
    5. Networking


      Technical questions and support on network related technologies (WiFi, 3g, 4g, etc...).
      Latest: Dell XPS 13 9360 Wifi Issue Laurence Burke, Jan 15, 2018
    6. Accessories


      Laptop AC adaptors, batteries, cases, screen protectors, mice - discuss them all in here.
      Latest: External Speakers Mito, Mar 14, 2018
    7. Laptop General Discussion

      Laptop General Discussion

      Chat about anything related to laptops that doesn't fit in to any of the other sections.
      Latest: Locked out Rezcor, Jul 7, 2018
    1. Windows


      Queries relating to any version of Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc...).
      Latest: DVD burning errors manuokcz, Jun 21, 2018
    2. Linux


      Chat about any Linux questions (for all distros).
      Latest: Advantages of Linux? Twinflower, Feb 28, 2018
    3. Android


      A section dedicated to Google Android for PCs.
      Latest: Which is the best? manuokcz, May 26, 2018
    4. MacOS


      Post any of your MacOS questions in here.
      Latest: Installing Windows 7 on MacBook Air 2015 Jkay, Jan 15, 2018
    5. Chrome OS

      Chrome OS

      Please post any questions related to Google's Chromebook operating system in here.
    1. Alienware
      Latest: Alienware 17 R4 | Review Ishrak, Nov 20, 2016
    2. Asus
      Latest: ASUS Q502L won’t turn on Narynbek, Apr 27, 2018
    3. Dell
      Latest: Dell Vostro 3700 GPU Driver Problem arcadiax, Mar 1, 2018
    4. Fujitsu
      Latest: Bought second hand Fujitsu Lifebook, Locked BIOS! QwagWaneseDude, Jun 16, 2018
    5. HP / Compaq
      Latest: HP Envy compatible with Acer Monitor? Brian8gbSSDLinux, Jul 23, 2017
    6. Lenovo / IBM
      Latest: Display not working drae, Nov 17, 2017
    7. MSI


      Latest: Msi gs70 stealth pro crimson red front bezel dario daja, Apr 16, 2017
    8. Panasonic
      Latest: Blackhawk Toughbooks remnant, Oct 10, 2016
    9. Sager / Clevo
      Latest: Gpu upgrade theVenerable, Mar 19, 2018
    10. Sony
      Latest: Display Problem Sony Vaio something back, Jun 20, 2018
    11. Toshiba
      Latest: Qosimo XP Rebuild ChrisJBrady, Mar 25, 2018
    12. Other Laptop Models
      Latest: Gateway LT3100 @ Best Buy for $399! bsnguyenphuonghong, Apr 16, 2018
    1. Off-Topic


      Relax and talk about any non-laptop topics in this area.
      Latest: Educational computer games for kids? Green Morgan, Jul 16, 2018 at 6:00 AM
    2. Introductions


      Post an introduction thread in here and get a warm welcome from the laptop forum community.
      Latest: Hello something back, Jun 5, 2018
    3. Feedback / Suggestions

      Feedback / Suggestions

      Let us know your suggestions, feedback and ideas for in here.
      Latest: What about Chromebooks? fcuco, Apr 21, 2016
    4. Announcements


      Important site announcements will be posted in this section.
      Latest: Design Upgrade Ian, Feb 28, 2017
    5. For Sale / Wanted

      For Sale / Wanted

      List your items for sale (or wanted) in this forum.
      Latest: FOR SALE - aspire one AOA150 ZG5 spares bargain bepcuongthinh, May 4, 2018