Why is my C drive so full? How to make space?

Discussion in 'Storage' started by opampsmoker, Dec 3, 2023.

  1. opampsmoker


    Jan 5, 2021
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    I am using windows 10 on a Huawei Matebook Pro. Had this laptop some 3 years or so.
    I only have 11.2GB left of the hard drive which is 120GB.
    Do you know how I can find the “Useless files” and delete them?
    I really only use my laptop for running LTspice simulations and doing excel files, and downloading pdf datasheets of electronic components…so don’t know how I am using so much disk space?
    I have deleted the recycle bin contents.

    Screenshots of C drive useage attached

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    opampsmoker, Dec 3, 2023
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