Trying to track down a D900T System Board in the UK

Discussion in 'Sager / Clevo' started by ETSLTD2003, Mar 25, 2023.

  1. ETSLTD2003


    Mar 25, 2023
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    i recently purchased a Clevo D900T/Alienware M7700. When it arrived i was very happy, everything was present until i went to disassemble it as i smelt something slightly off.

    On tearing down the laptop i made a horrifying discovery.

    part of the laptops 5v rail had exploded and burned an entire crater into the board. a small Diode for the ADJ Audio board had also blown according to the schematics in the service manual

    sadly i don't think the motherboard can be saved and i require a replacement, sadly the sites i usually look for parts had everything but a system main-board. The model is 71-D90T0-D05.

    Hopefully i can find some fellow Clevo experts.[​IMG] [​IMG]
    ETSLTD2003, Mar 25, 2023
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