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Discussion in 'Modding and Customization' started by RScustom, Apr 11, 2009.

  1. RScustom


    Mar 30, 2009
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    Hello everyone,

    does anyone know how the wiring should look like from the hub to the webcam. The kit i got has a 4 wire male plug to the webcam. I have a extra 5 pin plug from a eee install that i"ll use. I need to know which slots to plug the wires into???

    For now ive installed the wires on the webcam 1,red 2,white 3,green 4,black 5,nothing
    But its not working is my wiring correct and will the hub run of 3.6v.
    I might try to solder it to cn11 and save my webcam

    Works fine when attached to external usb
    I got my kit from DX for the eee900 (old pic)

    Was packaged very good, 6 sheets of foam and 1 piece cut out for the screen.

    I ended up soldering the input wires to cn11, it made for a easier install . Everything is working great!!

    RScustom, Apr 11, 2009
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