Swapping ChromeOS for Linux?

Discussion in 'Chrome OS' started by MrDale93, Mar 3, 2023.

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    Dec 12, 2017
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    I bought a Chromebook from a friend to learn coding, jumping in to it blind. I've got some ancient laptop that runs Linux but it's a bit slow due to the old hardware and not really the best thing for what I need. It's been upgraded as much as possible so there's nothing left to do there.
    I also have a gaming PC running Win.11 but thats far too over powered for simply writing lines in my opinion, plus I wanted something that offered portability to be able to move from room to room and keep going with my studying.

    The specs of this Chromebook aren't great, but for web browsing and VSCode it seems fine. This is what I'm working with:

    Acer Chromebook 715

    Intel 4417U dual core @ 2.30ghz

    4gb ram

    128gb memory.

    I wrongly assumed that a machine running Chrome OS would be pretty good for coding, and whilst it is not an issue now I can see that down the line it wont be the best at what I'm using it for and as such I've been considering switching to Linux.

    So my question is this, has anybody switched from Chrome OS to Linux specifically for coding, and if so which distro(s) are a good choice? I don't want to keep using the separate Linux partition you can make through dev options instead I'm looking at a full OS swap. How difficult is it to switch Chrome for something different? Are there any other issues with doing this aside from the obvious loss of warranty and the usual stuff that comes with swapping Windows for Linux?

    Anything else I should know before doing this?
    MrDale93, Mar 3, 2023
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