Sound Crackling and Distortion through Speakers and Headphones

Discussion in 'Acer' started by TeamSAXON, Sep 23, 2012.

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    Sep 23, 2012
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    I'm using an Acer laptop which has been operating fine for the better part of 1 and a half years (or around that).

    A while ago I had a crackling noise through my headphones which went away. Now the noise has suddenly come back and it is now accompanied with distortion; it is also present while listening through the speakers. It was not prevelant yesterday but today when I decided to watch something in VLC, the distortion and crackling started. I tried listening through 2 sets of headphones, and shrugged it off as a problem with the video.

    After that I tried listening to music in iTunes and the sound distortion was still there. I've only installed skype since yesterday and downloaded a torrent for the video I watched today. I have since deleted the video file.

    I have tried uninstalling skype, utilising a system restore, updating drivers, deleting drivers, the works. Nothing is doing anything. I've been trying to solve this for about 5 hours now.

    I've also looked at Latency Checker and this is the result:

    When I turned my laptop on after having it cool down for about 10 hours, there wasn't any distortion or crackling present.

    After having the laptop on for about 8 hours, the noise distortion and crackling is back. I am assuming it is a heat problem. Who has had the same problem? If it is not a heat issue what else could it be...?
    TeamSAXON, Sep 23, 2012
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