Searching For The Perfect Laptop for Adobe After Effects

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by kandiimann, Mar 11, 2014.

  1. kandiimann


    Mar 11, 2014
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    Hi everyone, I need a very powerful laptop for after effects and I'm having a very hard time finding the perfect one. I use really heavy effects. I can spend up to $3000 and I want RAM previews to load as fast as possible. Any ideas?

    what do you guys think of this laptop from with the following specs

    CaseADK - 8600 HW: 17.3" 1920 x 1080 Full HD (16:9) LED Backlit LCD (Matte) Backlite
    Power SupplyIncluded
    ProcessorIntel - i7 4800MQ 2.7GHz 6M cache Quad Core with HT (turbo to 3.7GHz)
    MemoryADK - 32Gig (4x8gig) 1600 11-11-11-28 Sodimm Lifetime Warranty
    Operating SystemMicrosoft - Windows 7 Pro 64 bit OEM
    Recovery SoftwareParagon Backup & Recovery 12 Suite with ADK recovery Flash Drive.
    OS/Programs DriveSamsung - 256 GB 840 Pro 2.5" Internal Solid State Drive
    Source DriveWestern Digital - 750G 7200RPM Hard Drive 16meg cache 5 yr warranty
    Render DriveNone
    Removable MediaNone
    External Raidnone
    Raid ControllerNone
    DVD-RW/BDRIncluded CD-RW/DVD read/write
    Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce GTX 870MX w/6GB GDDR5
    Video I/ONone
    NICIncluded Wired 1GB and Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC and Blue Tooth 4.0
    WarrantyStandard 1 yr Parts and Labor Lifetime Tech Support
    Audio InterfaceNone
    Audio SoftwareNONE
    NLE SoftwareNONE
    8600 HWPrice: $2,832.00
    Description:15 and 17 inch 4nd Gen Intel (Haswell) Quad Core i5, i7 Laptop. up to 32 gig ram and 4 internal HDDs, on board TEXAS INSTRUMENTS FIREWIRE 400

    can anyone reccomend something better for around the same price or is this a really good system?
    kandiimann, Mar 11, 2014
  2. kandiimann


    Apr 6, 2014
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    Looks like great specs. I'm currently in a similar search (though I want something that handles Avid, Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects all equally well). My only concern with something like this is that it doesn't mention the weight or size.

    Four years ago I made myself a 17 inch editing laptop but the thing was so big and bulky that I hardly took it anywhere. Even moving it from room to room in my house was a pain in the butt. In hindsight, I probably should have just gotten a desktop.

    Now I'm looking at ones which are more portable, even if it means I compromise on power a little. Macbook Pros are a good option but I prefer windows. Right now I'm eyeing the new MSI GS60 and the Dell XPS 15 Touch. They aren't as powerful as the rig you listed but are WAY more portable.
    DavidBeier, Apr 6, 2014
  3. kandiimann


    Mar 1, 2014
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    My suggestion would be that you get yourself an iMac or a Macbook. They have better processing power and be sure that more people will are using it for the same reason. It rarely hangs and has worked fine for me.
    mikelouis, Apr 6, 2014
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