Satellite L50-A-1FK Grainy Display

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by varallista, Apr 8, 2014.

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    Apr 8, 2014
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    I'm brand new to this forum so sorry if I'm posting in he wrong place. I'm having one helluva problem with my brand new Toshiba L50-A-1FK laptop (for specs see link below).

    Straight out of the box, the display was incredibly grainy. While looking at pictures or watching videos (using any app, or from any source) the quality is simply unacceptable and far worse than my old pavilion g6 which has a few years on this model.

    I trawled he internet for solutions and found no help. Drivers are updated, native resolution is set, other drivers tried, other resolutions, tinkering with windows setings. When plugged into tv via hdmi, its still the same so clearly its not a screen problem.

    So I contacted the supplier, Komplett, and they sent me a replacement. Exactly the same! And I definitely is a brand new model but this problem persists. Please help!

    To me, it seems to be a fault with he intel hd 4600 graphics chipset as it would be the one that handles just pictures and videos (anything that's not 3d) but I have updated he driver as much as toshiba will allow me to.

    If you need further info, just let me know. Help is hard to come by for this model as it seems hat it is only sold in the Netherlands (I'm from Ireland but komplett [a dutch company] have an irish site).
    varallista, Apr 8, 2014
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