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Discussion in 'Linux' started by c3300, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. c3300


    Mar 18, 2016
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    OK, it can be done because I do most of my gaming on Linux. 32-bit Wine on Fedora or Puppy will run Windows games that run from a single disc and don't have a third party installer - for example, it hates Big Fish and crashes before it gets to a game. For really old games (Win 95/98 or before) it tends to need 32-bit to run properly which is why I keep it. On an upgrade to a new machine with 64-bit, that can run BigFish and Windows games with third party managers that came on disc.

    I haven't yet managed to get it to run the games that are spread across multiple discs, or the online ones designed to download to a game manager (Wine doesn't seem to like nested programs). If anyone can advise on this, please do.

    Also, I've been hearing about an alternative to Wine called Play On Linux. Is it any good?
    c3300, Mar 29, 2016
  2. c3300


    Feb 21, 2016
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    I remember using third party install wizards on wine and the thing worked for me, it even creates the c:\Program Files\xxx folder thing that I find hilarious, I am assuming that you want to install and play games that you already own, for all my old school stuff I actually use emulators or sometimes simply virtual machines. If you want new stuff my question to you is why bother with wine when you have something like Steam for Linux? I mean, wine should work and I am sure that if you post your problem with those applications to more specialized forums they will shed some light into the matter, but I don't think that you can get a 100% smooth ride with something like wine all the time. When I was still playing more recent PC games I always double booted, I know that the thing is annoying but I simply swallowed my pride and simply booted into Windows to save me time, after all, this was indeed my free time.
    fcuco, Mar 31, 2016
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