Post-HDD mod Overheating

Discussion in 'Storage' started by mac151, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. mac151


    Jun 2, 2010
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    Has anyone else had an issue with their AOA 110 running awfully hot after changing from an SSD to an iPod HDD? I used the Toshiba MK3008GAL drive.

    I used to idle around ~17C, I'm nearly double that at 29C now. And my ceiling has gone up too. I used to never pass 32C but I've seen it jump to 36C since the upgrade. Fresh install of OS, temp monitoring software, etc.

    I know the mod likely has consequences for airflow inside the small housing. I was just wondering if this is a shared experience. HDD placement will also be a factor, I'm sure. With the original 55mm cable, I was only able to fit the new HDD in one way, with the ZIF connector directly across from the MOBO mounted one, drive facing up. I removed the interfering screw posts and other obstructions, so it is flat and as low as possible. I used double-sided foam tape to secure the drive. And I used an old piece of anti static bag to cover the top of the new drive to keep it from grounding any piece of the MOBO.

    Does anyone know what the life cycle is like for the fan inside the little AOA 110?

    Any ideas about how to get the temperature to settle down?
    mac151, Apr 13, 2011
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  2. mac151


    Apr 25, 2009
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    Long Island, New York
    Though your temps are a tiny bit lower than a towers norm it is a bit warm for the laptop, was wondering how much of the drive surface is covered by the double stick tape. You may be trapping heat in the drive, I read where one fellow used 1/4" squares at the corners to avoid trapping heat.
    OldPhil, Apr 16, 2011
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