Old HP LapTop | Lost Recovery Partiton Because Of Reformat LapTop

Discussion in 'HP / Compaq' started by smqs.500, Mar 28, 2023.

  1. smqs.500


    Mar 28, 2023
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    My laptop is old and totally healthy.
    I backed up all it's softwares and drivers when i bought it and prev year hp removed all of them from hp web site.
    Model is : HP Pavilio dv6 - 6190 SE - Core i7 - 8 GB ram
    When i bought this laptop there were two partitions on it except windows drive and another logical drive.
    Logical drive was empty and those two other pertitions were :
    I copied recovery partition files to my usb stick drive.
    This hp has no UEFI and secure boot.
    But i do n't know why ssd hard drive type was dynamic.
    I reformatted hard to basic with primary c drive and two logical partitions.
    After reinstall windows 7 it seems speed is lower than before.
    I have every thing about this laptop such as drivers and recovery files.
    Now how can i revert back to Factory Default?
    First of all i reformated partiton again in dynamic type.
    But in dynamic mode i could n't install windows and usb boot of windows could n't recognize hard drive.
    First Question : Why type of partiton was dynamic?
    Second Question : How can i install windows on dynamic disk?
    All refrences on the web tells convert it to basic.
    There is an app in my backed up softwares with the name HP Recovery Manager.
    It is related to those recovery partition files that i backed up.
    But when i want to install it on windows 7 with static hard drive i get this error :
    Softpaq does not apply to the system, no Hp Recovery Manager Installed
    Third Question : How can i recreate recovery partiton again and put thise files on it again and how can i recover this laptop from boot menu.
    I know HP_Tools format partition is FAT32.
    Maybe before install HP Recovery Manager software i should create a partition with type of FAT32 and with the name of "recovery"
    Please help me on those three questions
    smqs.500, Mar 28, 2023
  2. smqs.500


    Jul 9, 2023
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    Try running Rebecca.exe from the recovery manager folder and that should allow you to use the recovery media to make it bootable
    lewis3a, Jul 9, 2023
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