New ebay Windows 10 OS Install Gone Wrong?

Discussion in 'Windows' started by savatreatabvr, Feb 16, 2023.

  1. savatreatabvr


    Feb 16, 2023
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    Just installed Windows 10 Pro on my older HP laptop, well installed it over the old Windows 10 OS and it went well except now the screen goes black for 2 or 3 seconds every hour or so and when I play games like War Thunder it freezes the game for 5 seconds or so every few minutes. I have 32g of RAM, 1tb HD, intel i7 and 500 Mbps. While writing this thread my laptop reset itself for whatever reason and had to sign in again. I must have dropped the ball while installing this OS or someone is remotely playing games with me. Is there some settings somewhere I can tweak or did I screw up the OS install?

    I have a new Windows 11 OS but I'm hesitant on installing it until I get the Windows 10 running properly. I'm obviously not an IT guy some any help with this is greatly appreciated!
    savatreatabvr, Feb 16, 2023
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