New BIOS update for A515-45 R7FK: v1.14(2023/08/08) || Should I update BIOS?

Discussion in 'Acer' started by Sahid, Aug 21, 2023.

  1. Sahid


    Aug 21, 2023
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    Laptop model: Acer Aspire A515-45 R7FK.

    Currently, my laptop's BIOS version is 1.05, but I noticed that Acer has released a new version, 1.14. I'm a bit unsure whether I should proceed with the update or not.
    I've heard that BIOS updates can sometimes improve system stability and performance, but I also want to ensure that the update process goes smoothly without any hiccups. I'm a bit hesitant, as I don't want to accidentally cause any issues with my laptop.
    Should I go ahead and update to version 1.14, or should I stick with the current version for now?

    Is there anyone using the same model laptop who has updated the new BIOS update to v1.14?

    If yes, how about the performance and stability?

    Are there any bugs or issues with the updates, or is everything fine?

    My laptop's BIOS version is 1.05 and still works fine, but I suspect it has a thermal issue (not sure).

    So I wish to update to the latest version.

    So I want to ensure that the latest update comes with improvements, not degradation and bugs.
    Your insights would be greatly appreciated!

    Feel free to share your thoughts and advice. I'm all ears!

    Note: Currently, my laptop works fine, but I'm thinking of thermal optimization.

    Sahid, Aug 21, 2023
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