Need help buying my new laptop please :)

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by ruraigh, Mar 4, 2020.

  1. ruraigh


    Mar 4, 2020
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    Hello everyone, the current laptop I have is as follows:
    - Lenovo V110 / Intel Core i5 7200U @2.5GHz 2.71GHz

    I got this laptop a couple of years ago maybe during my time at university, it served its basic use, but generally I found this laptop to be quite slow.
    I am now looking for a new one as this one is really slowing down.

    My budget would preferably be around £350, I know this isn't too much to get excited about, but I was hoping that providing the details of my current laptop, some people with greater knowledge would be able to help me out in finding one that is better, faster specs & overall good laptop for me as my knowledge within this area is limited.

    I am not extremely picky however I do work a lot through the night, so a backlit keyboard is a big, big plus for me.

    Thank you guys for any help!!
    ruraigh, Mar 4, 2020
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