Linux - Wifi and Lan DHCP ok, but no connection

Discussion in 'Networking' started by Therket, Dec 5, 2008.

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Hi there,

    I'm running an AAO 110L (Linpus Lite), which suffers from a strange connection problem from time to time:
    Sometimes, the network manager tells me, I'm connected to my home WLAN, but I can't reach any address.
    What does work in such situations:
    ping localhost
    ping (where my.address stands for some DHCP assigned numbers)

    What doesn't work in such situations:
    ping (my router's IP)
    ping 192.168.176.x (where x is any number of other clients in the network)
    ...and of course ping

    ifconfig shows me, that I got a correct network address assigned. Turning Wifi off and on again using the switch in the front does not help.

    Plugging in a network cable does not help in those situations. I get a second ip for "eth0", but it can't connect either.

    I tried looking at "dmesg" to find something suspicious, but haven't found something, that caught my attention (I'm a Linux beginner, so maybe I have overseen something, not knowing, what exactly to look for). I found some references to look at /var/log/messages, but Linpus seems to handle logging differently, as this files doesn't exist on my AAO.

    Rebooting seems not to help in those situation, only shutting the machine down and turning it on again. It seems, that the problem mostly arises after a reboot, I'm not sure if I ever had this issue after a cold boot.

    Any ideas, what can be done to narrow down the problem?

    Kind Regards

    Edit 12/08/2008
    In the meantime I did some research and found the following:
    1) The issue really seems connected to rebooting the device. Turning it off and on again make wlan work again. I found a thread where a lot of users are complaining about Standby-Issues, so maybe this is somehow related.
    2) When the connection is down, it doesn't have an ARP entry. After adding the mac of my router manually, I was able to get some pings through the network. Not all packets reached their destination, only about one of ten and with a very high latency. Interestingly, this made my router crash and reboot ?!
    As it is possible to get a connection "by hand", I assume, that the linux software stack is completely ok, even after rebooting. To me, it looks like a problem with the hardware or a very low part of the driver, not shutting down the device correctly or not reinitialising it correctly...

    Maybe I'll find out someday, but for now, I'm living with turn off / on...
    Therket, Dec 5, 2008
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