Linux Lite vs Linpus Lite

Discussion in 'Linux' started by hennmann, Jan 20, 2018.

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    Jan 20, 2018
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    I have seen a number of very good comments about Linux Lite and I am wondering how it compares to Linpus Lite? The reason why I ask is years ago before I purchased my Acer Aspire One AO533 I was looking at a slightly older Acer at Walmart. Both for sale had Linpus or XP. The Acer with Linpus soared like an Eagle and yes even the same model with XP was great compared to 7 being nothing more than a resource hog like Vista!! Also another reason I was fascinated with Linpus is I'm a GUI slave!! Linpus has the GUI squares to click on but at the same time there is an icon on the bottom right of the screen to switch to a typical Linux desktop. I procrastinated toooo long and ended up with the 533 slothing along on 7 Starter and I increased the pathetic 1gb of ram to 2 which helped. Why would I concider Linpus? Due to the fact I have a copy on my desktop hard drive which was intended for the slightly older Acer Aspire One netbooks I figured it would be simpler to install on this slightly newer 533 and I'm a GUI slave hoping this OS will help my transition from Windoze to Linux. I ran away from Linux a number of years ago "at 90 miles per hour with my hair on fire" because of the CLI!! Also this Atom 455 is a bit anemic and would perform even better than the slightly older Acers as well which also performed great on XP! As for upgrading my 533 is gently used still looking like new besides serving my needs for when I'm away from home at work for several weeks at a time.
    hennmann, Jan 20, 2018
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