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Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by MalaLednica, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. MalaLednica


    Feb 15, 2021
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    Hey! I have a weird issue. My Samsung 350V5C-S05CZ boots only sometimes. Like one of 10 times when I turn it on. Sometimes it boots 2times in a row and sometimes it doesn´t boot even after 20th time. When it doesn´t boot Leds turn on, fan is working, but screen remains black. It seems like sometimes the power on self test just diagnoses something wrong and notebook remains in this state (it is exactly like when you don´t have any RAM connected). I don´t think any hardware is damaged, when notebook boots it is working completely fine even for hours, booting is the only problem. I was thinking about updating BIOS, can it fix the issue? Is updating BIOS safe? Thanks for your replies!
    MalaLednica, Feb 15, 2021
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  2. MalaLednica


    Nov 27, 2020
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    Hello. Yes it is a wierd issue. I do not own a laptop of this model and am not famaliar with it. But in general terms:::::
    Updating the Bios would be a longshot. You might check with Samsung to see if they are famliar with this problem. Usually if the BIOS detects a problem, it shuts the computer off to prevent more damage. If yours is still running and simply has a black screen that would indicate a video issue. When you turn on a laptop the BIOS (Basic In And Out System) runs through its checks that it is programed to do. If the BIOS is happy with everything then it continues to load drivers. Toward the very end of this process, the laptop loads the video driver. If that driver is corrupted or the wrong driver you will get a black screen. But the computers keeps running because all the voltage checks were fine.
    Now you didn't mention what O.S. you were using but if it was my laptop here is what I would do. First thing that I would do is to try and determine if it it is a software issue or a hardware issue. It could be either. It could be as simple as a corrupted video driver. The fact that it is intermittent is an agravation. Here are a couple things I would try. I would download a linux mint (Cinnamon) ISO file. Then burn a live disk. (DO NOT INSTALL) I would see if the laptop would boot constiently with the live disk. It would be loading a video driver designed for linux. That would be kind of check for a corrupted video driver or wrong video driver. Or if you have another Hard Drive. I would load the O.S. on another Hard Drive to see if that makes any difference. (If the Hard Drive is removable) Remember we are trying to determine if it is software or hardware issue. If it looks like a hardware issue, try to reseat the ram. If you can. (Sometimes they are soldered to the motherboard) Other things it could be.. Bad video chip or card on the motherboard. LED screen or video cable. If you can plug a monitor into the side. You can try that to see if it will display on the monitor but not on the LED screen. Anyway thats what comes to my mind. By the way, usually updating the BIOS is safe. But if you do it wrong or if something goes wrong, you can destroy a computer. There is always a risk (however small depending on your ability) when doing a BIOS update. If you want to do a BIOS update you might check to see what a computer shop would charge. Good luck.
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    gray1, Feb 17, 2021
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