Laptop Battery slowly drains when plugged in; Won't run on just AC power

Discussion in 'Lenovo / IBM' started by nerdyotter, May 6, 2020.

  1. nerdyotter


    May 6, 2020
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    I have a Lenovo G50-80 (model 80L0) Notebook. When it is both plugged in and powered on, the battery will slowly drain until it dies. I get a "Plugged in, not charging" message from the Lenovo power management tool.

    When I turn off the laptop and plug it, it can charge very slowly. I can get up to a full charge this way, then use it off battery power.

    Of note, the laptop will NOT boot while it is both plugged in and has the battery removed. When I try this, the keyboard lights up and the disk drive initializes, but nothing comes on screen, then it shuts down.

    My laptop took a bad fall while plugged in and this has been happening ever since. I successfully repaired the damaged DC-in port (ordered a new one from this product page), but the charging issue still happens, so I have no reason to suspect that my repair caused the problem.

    I have tried two different chargers now, both of which are from Lenovo. Both of them push 45W, 20V @ 2.25A. I have updated all my drivers, updated the BIOS... no dice.

    Any suggestions? I would go straight to buying a new battery, but the fact that I can't power it on without the battery makes me suspect that that's not the issue.

    Link to the user manual:

    "Battery Details" screen in Lenovo Vantage:
    nerdyotter, May 6, 2020
  2. nerdyotter


    Sep 25, 2020
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    Try calibration your laptop's battery.The vast majority of brand name laptops have a Battery Calibration program built straight into their BIOS. Power on the laptop and hit F2 at the boot screen to enter BIOS > Choose the Power menu using the cursor keys and follow on-screen instructions
    SabrinaF, Sep 30, 2020
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