Intel(R) Iris(R) Xe Graphics freezes isuess

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by Dejva5, Mar 6, 2024.

  1. Dejva5


    Mar 6, 2024
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    Laptop model: **Lenovo LOQ 15IRH8**


    Screen:15.6" 144Hz IPS (1920x1080)
    CPU: Intel Core i5-13500H 12-core
    RAM: 16GB DDR5
    GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 8GB GDDR6 (MUX Switch)
    SSD: 512GB

    Hi, 2 days back I bought this laptop and I have a problem with it .

    The thing is, when I turn on a game I've been playing for like an hour/two, the game runs perfectly fine the whole time, then I turn it off and go to do something online (watch YouTube, movie, Twitch, write, surf the internet) and I want to take my laptop to bed and it starts to chop like this (only the image freezes completely, but the sounds and mouse go on, just only the image don't respond. ) and it does it even when I unplug it from the charger and even when it's on the charger, when I restart the laptop it runs fine and doesn't chop, but as soon as I turn the game on and then off again it's exactly the same.

    Video here :

    And when I switch to "nvidia gpu only" in Nvidia control panel, it runs without any problem.

    Temperatures are fine. I checked them. I'm using lenovo Vantage and I have balance + "Turn on Legion AI Engine+ to automatically detect gaming and tune CPU/GPU performance. It only works when the correct power adapter is connected. Computer temperature and fan noise may increase." I did even an hour and a half scan through Lenovo Diagnostics Evolution and everything was fine, I really don't know what to do anymore. I have balanced power mode set and whenever the laptop is underused (Watching YouTube, Movie, Twitch, typing surfing the internet) it just stutters and freezes, as soon as the laptop gets more load it runs fine. When I'm on the internet and watching some movies, streams, my iGPU is used around 20%, but as soon as the picture cuts, the iGPU drops to 0% and then goes back to 20-30% and so on and so on. And if I turn on just the dedicated card for now (Because when I turn on just the dedicated card, the picture doesn't freeze), but the batteries drain 90% faster
    Dejva5, Mar 6, 2024
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