Inspiron 3793 Overheating

Discussion in 'Dell' started by AF1, Oct 5, 2021.

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    Oct 5, 2021
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    Hi, I know others have posted about this serious issue but I want to tell my story.

    IMO the fan runs far too slowly and there seems to be no way to adjust this.

    I had temps up between 85 and 100C before I was forced to disable 'Turbo Boost' in the Bios.

    Now it runs between 60 & 80C but performance is seriously reduced.

    I spoke at great length to DELL tech and Adv Resolutions but was told 100C is normal and that I should re-enable Turbo Boost to regain lost performance.

    I don't believe this is good advice, and that the lifespan of the machine will be greatly reduced.

    I contacted Intel Tech. After they ran tests they confirmed that my machine was running too hot, but said that processor protection safeguards kick in at 100C which reduces CPU performance in order to cool it. This is why other Dell customers have not seen temps higher that 100C - the CPU gets throttled!

    I have tried different settings in Dell Power Manager to no avail.

    The laptop is always on a table.

    The fan is a brand new replacement due to a failed bearing in the original at 9 months old!

    All the cooling vents are clean.

    I have tried all the 3rd party fan control software but none work on these laptops.

    I have found other solutions like

    but they seem very complicated and somewhat risky.

    If I have it collected under warranty they'll just say its working fine and send it back!

    I have asked Dell to release a Fan Speed Control app but got a cool response.

    Does anyone have a better idea.

    If you have the same issue then please reply.
    AF1, Oct 5, 2021
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