I can't increase my ram speed to it's maximum speed.

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by CBTerror, Jul 1, 2022.

  1. CBTerror


    Jul 1, 2022
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    Hi good day guys,

    i am curently having an issue about my ram speed. when i checked my ram speed at task manager and CPU-z I only get 667mhz, and i tried to search the laptop model, CPU model, and it's motherboard and i found out that all of them are supported of 1333/1600mhz max speed. then i tried to check it at bios, but i couldn't find 'Dram frequency' options. Please help ive been research for 4 hours already. m laptop model is Samsung 305V4A/305V5A/3415VA

    Thank you
    CBTerror, Jul 1, 2022
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