HP Dv4 Entertainment Pc Dv4 1125 nr

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by sandees2201, Sep 16, 2022.

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    Sep 16, 2022
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    I was downgrading my bios, because of my cooling fan is not functioning properly even changing to new fan,by the time i was doing bios change using the below link and file mentioned in the link from F.66 to F.12, since it is very old model laptop i cannot able to find original version of Bios and i used this link to download F.12 and F.04, power shut down in the middle of process and stopped my laptop.Now i am not able to bring my laptop alive.I have tried most of the methods like phoenix tool,HP recovery tool etc. Now i am having more than 1gb for tools but nothing is helping,checked youtube videos too many forum, no solutions.

    DV4-1120us bricked by HP's own Bios update link i found in this same forum

    I have couple of question,

    if Bios bricked my laptop, but when i connect my power jack to laptop, power on indicator LED should turn on as White or orange ,but it was OFF,

    did my DC power jack is faulty or Bios corrupt makes happen. (when i connect my external hdd, it is runnning but not reading and checked with multimeter, it showed 17V) then why LED is off.

    I can buy Bios programmer to reprogram it, but i want to be sure is it power jack or Bios and also i do not know where EEPROM is located keyboard side or Battery side.

    what is the original bios version and what will be bios back up file name

    Bios file name Renamed as
    30F7F66U.fd 030F7.bin 030F7.rom
    30F7F30U.fd 30F7.bin 30F7.rom
    30F7F12U.fd F7.bin F7.rom
    30F7F04.fd 30F7F66U.bin 30F7F66U.rom
    30F7F30U.bin 30F7F30U.rom
    30F7F12U.bin 30F7F12U.rom
    30F7F04.bin 30F7F04.rom
    sandees2201, Sep 16, 2022
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