High Cpu and ram speed

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by Graham35, Nov 30, 2009.

  1. Graham35


    Nov 30, 2009
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    Hi I am new here, hopefully I may havve posted this in the right place!

    I have a Aspire 0ne AOA 150, N270, 160gb HD, 1 gbRam, mobile 945 chipset.

    I have just installed Vista home premium, updated the service packs and all windows updates and drivers etc, it works very well and performs a bench mark of 2.8 and scores 3.0,4.5,4.2,2.8,5.4 (processor to hard disk)

    Because I have installed Vista, I can now use the gadgets and consequently installed the CPU/Ram meter.
    What I find is the Cpu meter often runs up 100% for a second or two but drops back to 40% or less, and the Ram steadies around 40 to 50% but goes off up to 100% along with the CPU.

    The system runs smooth, reasonably quick and has not locked up at all, my concern is am I likely to damage the CPU at these speeds.
    Heat maybe a problem in the summer as I live in southern Spain and it gets very hot here in August. (I could always go to the beach without the notebook)

    Of course I did not have a meter with XP, so it may well be doing the same as it was with XP.

    Please cast you eye over my spec etc and let me know if I should concern myself about it (it may be better to remove the gadget)

    Great forum
    Graham35, Nov 30, 2009
  2. Graham35


    Oct 29, 2008
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    I use Cacheman with XP, that provides gauge for CPU and RAM. Obviously this varies, even at "idle", depending on how many processes and services the user wants to be running, and resources can be saved by disabling functionality that is "on" by default. For example, I've disabled the camera and ethernet since I'm normally on wi-fi. There are lots of system resource tweaking tips on this site.

    Sitting here now running Firefox to answer you, CPU fluctuates between 17%-40% and it's using 732mb of RAM. Personally, I'm only concerned that there be enough system resources for peak situations. I don't use this machine much for multimedia or post-processing photos, by and large it has plenty for running two or three ordinary applications at a time. I haven't had any overheating issues, but haven't subjected the machine to much heat, either.
    Forone, Dec 1, 2009
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