Does Toshiba has a chip to controle the touchscreen ?

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by Serch, Nov 14, 2022.

  1. Serch


    Nov 14, 2022
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    Hello, excited about my first post, actually its a question, is there any chip controlling the Toshibas s55t-b laptops ? ill expline my self, my touch screen stopped working, i replaced the digitalizer as i have 4 toshibas same model s55t-b and a lot of spears, and it did not work i changed the digitalized board 3 times and nothing i actually changed the lcd and nothing, and its getting worst, on settings/general used to say "the touch screen its available" something like that, and under device management if i go to human interface, click on it and then hidden devices i was able to see the line where you can turn on and off the digitalizer so i decided to reinstall windows to get everything fresh, i used a program to get all drivers up to date also all the updates for windows 10 and got worse, now under settings/general reads "no digitalizer available for this screen" as well as device manger does not show the digitalizer under hidden devices, what in the world its happening ???, if there is a chip controlling the digitalizer i can get it replaced from one of my spare boards for $20 but after 1 week of researching the internet i did not find any info about it, can you please help me ? i dont want to lose mi laptop, i like it a lot and no budget for a new one with a video card like mine, the model if it helps is s55t-b5271sm, any help will be highly welcome, thanx for the time to read my post
    Serch, Nov 14, 2022
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