DO NOT buy Lenovo Laptops and DO NOT buy from B&H

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    Anyone who is considering to buy gaming laptops, please read this:

    DO NOT buy Lenovo Laptops and DO NOT buy from B&H.

    Or, you may run into the situation like me, having a defective gaming laptop, and cannot have it returned or repaired for 3 Months.

    This is what happened to me:

    I purchased a Lenovo Legion Pro 7i, on November 7th. from B&H website. At that time, I have to admit I haven't read through the return policy of B&H carefully.

    So when I received it, I cut the tape around the box, and opened the box. What I didn't know is, this means I could not return this laptop anymore, even if it's defective.

    On the third day after I got the laptop, I experienced multiple times of blue screen and restart in one day. I haven't update any drivers yet, I haven't even download any games yet. I was just browsing the web and watching Youtube!

    This kept happening so I tried to fix it myself. The problem is with the nvlddmkm, which is the GPU of the laptop. So I started to try to look for solutions online. I tried so many different solutions, including Change Power Plan, Change Nvidia Settings, Update Driver, Roll Back Driver, DDU, Change Nvlddmkm.sys File Permission, Use External Monitor, Plug Directly to Wall, Use External Cooler, Underclocking CPU/GPU......I tried every solution a person could find online, but none of it worked.

    I concluded this as an hardware problem, which I cannot handle.


    B&H: You CANNOT Return the Device Once You Opened the Box

    So First, I started to contact B&H to return my device. So as I mentioned, once you got the box and open the box, you could NOT return it! And from the second time you try to contact the customer service, they would NOT reply to you anymore! They just send you an email, saying someone will contact with you soon and then disappear. So I read through their policy, what they mean is that once you opened the box, even if the laptop could not be booted, or the monitor is broken, or even the laptop is missing and was replaced by a stone, they are NOT responsible for that!!! Because you opened the box!!!


    Lenovo: Technician CANNOT Have the Problem Fixed in 2 Months and Online Agent Are HORRIBLE and LIE to customers

    Then, I realized I could only contact Lenovo to help me repair my device. So I submitted a repair ticket, chat with the online agent (and this is when they first started to try to sell me the on-site warranty), and shipped the device out. I Paid for the shipping, because they refused to provide me with any box or shipping label.

    Because my girlfriend is the owner of the lease of the apartment, so we could only get deliveries in her name, and deliveries in my name would be returned back. So during the repair process, I contacted the customer service 3 times, to check the progress, also to make change and confirm that the recipient name when the device is shipped back is my girlfriend's name.

    THREE Times! Because I am a very careful person, double check is not enough for me, I checked with them 3 TIMES! Every time the online agent would tell me, "Yes we have made the change", and then start selling me the on-site warranty.

    Let me add something here: One of the agent was ridicules, and has 0 knowledge in technology. So I was asking: "So can I have the computer upgraded during the repair? I could pay for that." She said: "Yes, Of course You can. I will send you a link, click on it and pay".

    She Sent me an link, and I opened it, it was a link for warranty upgrade.

    I said: "No, I mean hardware upgrade for my laptop, like upgrading the driver, the memory."

    She said: "Yes, click on that link, you will see the options for upgrade (upgrades to on-site warranty and premium warranty)

    And I tried to explain to her what hardware upgrade is, for 10 MINUTES, I explained this to my parents and 5-yo cousin before, they could all understand in 2 minutes.

    So I am pretty sure, this online agent, and probably all the agents, from Lenovo, have not used computer in their entire life before they get this job, and are not trained at all before they start.

    Well that's not precise. They were trained. But only trained on how to sell you the better warranty!!!

    But I ultimately upgraded to the on-site warranty, because I had a feeling that I would gonna need it.

    Let me continue on that name change issue. And for sure, they have not change the name. If the package is returned, it would take at least 2 more weeks for the package to get to me again. But I was very lucky, that day the guy at the concierge knows me and my girlfriend, and he kindly kept the package for me. And I got to him just the moment before the package need to be returned.


    I thought that the laptop is repaired, because online when I check the repair status, it said it was repaired and tested.

    However, when I got it back and started to use it, the problem came back at the 5th day.

    I was very frustrated. I didn't write much here, but I lose my sleep every single night my laptop is not working. But I understood I need to contact Lenovo again and ask them to help me repair it. "At least I foreseen this and upgraded to the on-site warranty" I said to myself.

    Then I submitted the repair ticket, and the agent called me, and told me, although I upgraded to the on-site warranty, which was introduced and highly praised by all their online agents, but sorry, this on-site warranty actually covers very few situations, and your situation of course is NOT covered, I though I spent more money to upgrade it.

    So what's the point of this upgrade? Every single agent told me the technician can come to my place and help me repair, which provide great convenience and same time, and it turns out most cases are not covered by this service.

    But I was being very kind, I know these online agents were trained to LIE to the customers, it's just their job. So I accepted this. But I also let the agent know, it's a GPU problem, so either prepare a new GPU or a new motherboard, in order to replace mine, which is defective.

    I shipped the machine to the repair center. This time, they were very kind: They gave me a box and a label. WOW! Lenovo actually did it!


    2 weeks after they got my laptop, they called me and informed me, their brilliant, professional technicians just found out that the GPU is defective. They just ordered the part, and it need 1 months to arrive, then they will replace it for me, and luckily I could get it by April.

    I told them to return the device unrepaired. Because I need the laptop to work, and hopefully it won't crash when I am writing documents and writing codes. I decide to contact them again to see if I can have it repaired on-site.
    litiansu123, Feb 7, 2024
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