Craigslist sucks don't use it censorship hypocrisy scams etc

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Hertzian56, Jun 4, 2024.

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    Mar 19, 2023
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    Craigslist was mentioned to me in LA way back in 2004 as I never heard of it and it's been useful on and off over the years but it's largely a hypocritical scumbag site. For instance if you are homeless and post that looking for help, CL based in the homeless capital of San Francisco, will remove your posting no matter what. Oh but all the other scams and scammers that use the site are perfectly fine, jobs promising this or that, various garbage services and such all good for the CL looneys.The hypocrisy just reeks from this trash site.

    Another big thing is that in the so called rants and raves sections they almost invariably remove every post that is on totally inane or silly. Why even have this section if you're going to remove everything that people post no matter how critical and well argued? This is censorship which is not warranted, they ban anything in rants and raves within minutes suggesting a premeditated automatic thing, soviet style dystopian.

    Oh but the ever present "flute players" seem to get full booking over at CL boards. I'm just glad it costs nothing to use the site and of course I've had ad blockers and such for years never contributed other then the occasional for sale which then I have to pay for with data, aka my email address. If CL ever went paid for common stuff I would never come back. I think if you offer business services they do charge a fee or if you offer a room or rental they do too which makes sense for a verification thing.

    Hopefully the site just fades away and dies, and hopefully the scumbag Craig does too.
    Hertzian56, Jun 4, 2024
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