Buying a new laptop: Lenovo Legion 5i pro 2022 or 2023

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by seesam, Apr 29, 2023.

  1. seesam


    Apr 29, 2023
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    Im really confused which one should I buy, I mean they both have pros and cons.

    Here are the specs for both laptops:

    1700$ Lenovo Legion 5i pro 2023 16IRX8

    CPU: i9 13900hx

    RAM: 16GB 5600mhz

    Storage: 1TB SSD

    Graphics: RTX 4070

    Display: 240hz


    No Thunderbolt 4 port

    Worse build in quality (plastic)

    1600$ Lenovo Legion 5i pro 2022 16IAH7H

    CPU: i7 12700hx

    RAM: 32GB 4800mhz

    Storage: 1TB SSD

    Graphics: RTX 3070ti

    Display: 165hz


    Lower specs

    I have to mention that I will be using the laptop regularly for 5-8 hours a day for multitasking and work-related tasks. Around 80% of the time, it will be used as a workstation and connected to external monitors. That's why having a thunderbolt port is nice, although this can be achieved via HDMI and USB-C as well. Also, I plan to do some light gaming, but it would be great to have more power under the hood in case I have time to play something more demanding in the future. According to Jarod’s review the 2023 model is running a bit cooler. The fans are louder, but I believe they can be lowered down when needed. The price difference is just 100$ in USA. I wonder how the built-in quality of the newer model compares to the older one, although the touchpad doesn't bother me much as I don't use it frequently.
    seesam, Apr 29, 2023
  2. seesam


    Apr 17, 2023
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    1. CPU:
    i9-13900HX (8P+16E cores) is more powerful than i7-12700H (6P+8E cores),
    Cinebench R23 test result : single-core 2120:1763, multi-cores 24683:16645,
    i9-13900HX >>>>>i7-12700H
    Intel 12th Gen CPU is very hot, if a 13900HX laptop is cooler than a 12700h laptop,
    there is no reason to choose 12700H.

    2. Memory:
    LP5i2023 5600Mhz > LP5i2022 4800Mhz

    3. GPU:
    Geforce RTX 4070 (2175Mhz) >> Geforce RTX 3070 ti (1485Mhz).

    4. Display:
    240Hz > 165Hz

    5. Thunderbolt:
    Thunderbolt have these pros:
    LP5i2022 could connect to 4 monitors (via Thunderbolt dock=2Disp, HDMI=1Disp, USB-Cx2=2Disp)
    LP5i2023 could connect to 3 monitors (HDMI=1Disp, USB-Cx2=2Disp)

    LP5i2022 could connect to eGPU (external video adapter), LP5i2023 couldn't.
    LP5i2022 Thunderbolt has 40Gbps speed, LP5i2023 is only 20Gbps

    If someone has a plan to use a external GPU, or connect to 4 mointors simultaneously, LP5i2022 is the choice,
    otherwise, LP5i2023 is better.
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    Carloz, Apr 29, 2023
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  3. seesam


    Apr 29, 2023
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    Indeed, the hardware on the newer model is much better. I don't plan to use more than 2 monitors. Thank you for the detailed info on ports connectivity.
    seesam, Apr 30, 2023
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