Battery Low Shutdown Not Available? (Jolicloud)

Discussion in 'Acer Aspire One' started by tivotron, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. tivotron


    Oct 14, 2009
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    Overall, I'm pretty happy with Jolicloud as a basic, clean OS. The one major problem I'm having though, however, is that there is no automatic shutdown feature when the battery level gets critically low. Instead, the power simply goes out and I often need to re-install the OS (I don't know why, but when I try to re-boot with the AC attached, I just get a bunch of gobbly-gook numbers on the screen and no boot-up).

    Any advice? I can't be the only poor sap with this issue! Thanks a lot.
    tivotron, Oct 19, 2010
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