Alternative way to format a hard drive using a usb drive.

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    Alternative way to format a hard drive using a usb drive.

    There is another ms dos route you could take,that is to download a program called
    rufus, and then download a program called freedos fd1src 1.1.

    Download FREEDOS

    Using a new usb flash drive, open rufus 2.1 it will be already setup to go, you DON'T need to alter the settings
    SELECT the freedos iso file you downloaded then click start.

    Reboot your laptop into the usb drive.

    Agree to install on harddrive option.

    Choose ā€œnā€ then use fdisk press 4 see the partitions installed.

    remove none dos partitions first followed be the others

    You can now install any new operating system knowing you are
    starting with a clean hard drive.
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    something back, May 10, 2015
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    I wish to have the guts to do this to my now slower than a turtle laptop! With my luck, I might have to kiss my laptop good bye since I know something will always go wrong for me if I try :(
    IcyBC, Jul 25, 2015
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