AAO D250 - 1706 BIOS Crisis Recovery

Discussion in 'Acer Aspire One' started by reddog_deluxe, Oct 18, 2009.

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    I should probably introduce myself first. I'm Jason (Reddog_deluxe). I recently purchased a D250 - 1706, bluetooth, yada yada yada. To cut to the chase, out of some sort of cosmic stupidity I decided to flash to the newest version of BIOS (From VER 1.03 to VER 1.21) with the result of a nice shiny red brick. Something went wrong. After about two days of searching and finding nothing for the D250 I began playing with the CRISIS Recovery stuff similar to the AOA150 and the AOA101 (I think those are the correct models). The process for the D250 is similar with a few quirks. Now with all that said, before we proceed, this is simply what worked for me. It may not be your case. I hope this is the start of a refined process for de-bricking D250's.

    Format a thumbdrive with fat32

    Load your copy of the fresh bios upgrade "KAV60.FD" and "FLASHIT.exe" to your formatted thumbdrive.
    NOTE: I wasn't sure which file name to use from all the documentation I found so I copied the .FD and renamed twice. So my thumbdrive has a total of 5 files on it. (FLASHIT.exe, KAV60.bat, KAVIA32.FD, JAL90x64.FD, KAV60.FD)

    Double check to make sure the files are there. Can't be too safe.

    Unplug the power cable from the affected AAO d250.

    IMPORTANT!!! HOLD DOWN THE "FN" + "ESC" KEY BEFORE PLUGGING IN POWER. When you plug in power you should see a quick red flash on the power button. It's almost unnoticeable. But it's there.

    Push the power button. You should hear the fan kick on.

    Wait for a second, and push the power button again.

    You should see your thumbdrive light up with activity.

    The unit will reboot shortly and if all went well your Bricked AAO should light up and bring you relief.

    Note: I did search on this topic, several times, without result. So as soon as it worked for me I created this post. If anyone knows that this information is incorrect, please feel free to correct it. If anyone knows someone that has gotten to this specific model first and I just simply didn't search hard enough, all credit goes to those who got to it first.
    reddog_deluxe, Oct 18, 2009
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