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Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by kakamama, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Aug 25, 2017
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    I am heavy computer user, I use it for various stuff, but not gaming. So a powerful and fast laptop is a most, that will last me 4 years at least.
    Out of those 6, which one do you think is the best?, I read the reviews, and they all seem to be equal rating.
    My budget is 600E.
    Im a heavy computer user being I go on the internet a lot.
    Use word, pdf, documents etc. Office work. But nothing tech savy like programming or games. I plan to bring it around with me to college.
    I planned to go in the computer stores, but I figured they would be overpriced laptops there, but then again I could get them on the payment option. If such laptop that exists that is a must buy.

    NX.VEWEK.003, Acer TravelMate P459, 6619140 - Save on Laptops
    Toshiba Satellite Laptop For Sale in Blanchardstown, Dublin from Kellie28x
    Lenovo V110 15.6" Laptop Upto Intel Core i5, Upto 12GB RAM, Optional Hard Drive | eBay
    ASUS Zenbook UX305-13.3"(256GB SSD, Core M3-6Y30 8GB RAM) | eBay
    kakamama, Aug 25, 2017
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