which laptop company has the most bloatware

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by chris whitehead, Apr 25, 2014.

  1. chris whitehead

    chris whitehead

    Apr 25, 2014
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    I just bought a little acer laptop with win 8 having had a great little laptop from them previously until the wife watered it instead of the house plants!!

    I'm not happy with my new one though. It was running slower than my old one then I realised that all the bloatware was slowing it down. whats the point in that? McAfee was the main culprit I think. After searching the internet on whats safe to uninstall and whats not I set about making the laptop acceptable then last night I uninstalled 'Acer Docs' and bang.....crashed! Had to carry out a complete re-install so all the bloatware is back on it. I am severely brassed off and won't buy another acer. I was thinking about buying a chrome-book too!! I bet that's not full of unwanted software. Are all laptops nowadays full of shite?
    chris whitehead, Apr 25, 2014
  2. chris whitehead

    something back

    Jun 25, 2011
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    North of the Watford Gap ,UK
    You should be able to remove it all in the add and remove section of the control panel. acer seems to have excelled at adding bloatware.
    something back, Apr 29, 2014
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