VLC : 2 AA1's, same download, but different versions

Discussion in 'Linux' started by Pontificator, Feb 8, 2009.

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    Oct 14, 2008
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    OK, following Patrickscott's instructions I was able to successfully download and install VLC on two separate Linux AA1's.

    Here's where it get weird:

    The first install was on a 2nd gen AA1 (1GB RAM, 16GB SSD). I followed the instructions exactly and it installed version 0.8.7 Janus (WxWidgets Interface) and...the desktop icon is NOT VISIBLE.

    The second install was on a 1st gen AA1 (1GB RAM, 16 GB SSD). Flush with the excitement of the first install, I rushed though the 2nd install and obviously made some typing errors to the point where I had no idea how far the install process had gone so...

    I closed the terminal, rebooted the computer, and started over again figuring that any step in the process that was already complete would either be mentioned as such or overwritten. I was and that is pretty much correct. After rebooting and accessing VLC through the desktop menu (I figured that the icon had not been installed in "FUN" as well) I launched it. However, this time I got permissions window, something about accessing album cover artwork. OK. No problem. I hit "OK" and VLC opened but in a slightly different format.

    This version of VLC is version 0.9.5. (Grinshenko) the desktop icon IS VISBLE.

    So, in the course of overwriting commands and intall files...after screwing up..I ended up with the latest version yet the correctly installed version on the other AA1 is an older one.


    Right now, it's no big deal. I tested both media players with a couple of videos of different formats and they all work.

    I'd really like the desktop icon on the AA1 that doesn't have it. I don't know how to update VLC and someone else posted that theirs got screwed up when they did. So I'm wondering if the line of code to enable the desktop icon is already there....or if I have to type it in.

    Any thoughts about any of this?
    Pontificator, Feb 8, 2009
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