USB alerts when adjusting display angle

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by 54highlife, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. 54highlife


    Dec 27, 2009
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    With the display open on my AspireOne AOA150, if I adjust the angle of the display slightly, the computer will sometimes act as though new hardware is being discovered. While watching the Scanner and Cameras control panel folder during this time, I see the Acer Crystal Eye webcam entry disappear and reappear.

    I also most times get this message when adjusting the display:

    "This USB device can perform faster if you connect it to a HI-speed USB 2.0 port."

    And on occasion, this message is displayed when adjusting the display:

    "USB Device Not Recognized. One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned and Windows does not recognize it."

    I did go through and do an eRecovery but it hasn't made any difference. Any ideas?
    54highlife, Dec 27, 2009
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  2. 54highlife

    elPaulio Moderator

    Dec 14, 2009
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    Aberdeen, Scotland
    Hi there,

    It sounds to me like you have a loose connection from your webcam to the motherboard.
    This connection goes through the monitor hinges, and as such when you are moving the screen the connection is being lost.

    Are you still under warranty? If so, best use that as opening your case will invalidate the warranty.
    If not, and you feel confident you could open up the case and check for any loose connections.

    Failing that, take it to a computer shop, I'm sure they will be able to have a look fairly quickly for you.

    Hope that helps

    Paul :ugeek:
    elPaulio, Dec 28, 2009
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