Upgrades for 330-17ICH Laptop (ideapad) - Type 81FL

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by Ner68, Oct 15, 2022.

  1. Ner68


    Oct 15, 2022
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    I read from the user manual (pages 41-45) that two slots are available for disks—one for HDD and one for SSD for that Notebook.

    I have several questions is someone kindly could answer them step by step I greatly appreciate it.

    • Am I correct? (Two slots are available and having the two disks running at the same time is possible).
    • I currently have a 1Tb HDD and wanted to add a 1Tb SSD for the Windows 11 OS. Is that possible?
    • How do I make that the SSD disk is the C:(default) drive with the Windows 11, operating system?
    • Did someone experience cloning the current HDD with Windows 11 to an SDD? I saw several Youtube videos, that's possible but I'd like to read someone who did it, and can give me some advice. Could someone recommend a free tool to do it I saw several on the internet but I'm not sure which is good?
    • Another unrelated question. Also, I'm thinking to add a 16Gb RAM from Crucial to upgrade and having 20GB available from 12 Gb currently. I talk with a Crucial rep and he confirms that's possible. Does anyone have done it?
    Any help is welcomed.

    Ner68, Oct 15, 2022
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