Ultraportable with mouse buttons.

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by ivanmichaelovitch, Oct 20, 2020.

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    Oct 20, 2020
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    I have a tosh Ultrabook. /Great/ laptop & ideal for me but it's a few years old and the dock between the screen and the keyboard/mouse is dodgy. Although it's designed as tablet hybrid I only use it as a laptop.

    I bought it because it has mousepad buttons. I have minor issues with hand movement after smashing my hands in an accident and now struggle to use those buttons that are built in to the mousepad. I also can't use "tap to click" for the same reason. To add to the issue I travel a lot (or did before Covid) and need something I can be using while the plane / train is bouncing around. Similarly it needs to be a size that when I hear my flight called I can just ram it in the back of the rucksack and then open it in the most economy of economy seats into which my company has kindly booked me.

    I know normally people choose laptops by specification. But the best spec in the world is no use if you can't use it. So this is what I'm looking for and can't find:

    Current laptop is 14" (36cm) external diagonal closed. Similar size, say 2.5cm either way. Mousepad with mouse buttons. I have a strong preference for solid state hard drives. That's pretty much all that matters. Size; mouse buttons.

    Anyone know of one? Price is not a big consideration and a flag to a firm that could build me one would also be good. Although off the shelf is better.

    Any advice or leads gratefully received.

    ivanmichaelovitch, Oct 20, 2020
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