Restoring AAO 532 to Out-of-Box State

Discussion in 'Windows' started by ChrisJBrady, May 13, 2010.

  1. ChrisJBrady


    Mar 26, 2010
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    I read in another thread that:

    "A quick glance at your user manual should give you the information you need to Factory Restore your AAO using the built-in recovery partition. This will however erase all your data. The purpose of this is to revert the whole machine to an out-of-box state."

    However my AAO 532 didn't come with a manual, and the online Guide states that I should have created a Factory Restore disk before starting to use it - which I failed to do. I couldn't access the Guide until I'd downloaded Adobe Reader!! But I have no way of telling whether there is a special recovery partition - I suspect not.

    So I wonder if anyone has a Factory Restore disk they could copy for me please. I am happy to pay for this - but am not happy about giving Acer any more of my hard earned since their Customer service is the worst I've ever come experienced.

    Many thanks - Chris B.
    ChrisJBrady, May 13, 2010
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