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Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by MrDale93, Apr 23, 2019.

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    I've just posted a new thread to the off topic section about an old game I cant get to work, and in said thread I mentioned my laptop is an older model. This got me thinking, all these newer laptops are awesome, and as soon as money allows I'll be getting a newer model with decent ram, graphics card, basically something good enough to run more games, and with speakers that give volume that's audible without having to climb into the speaker itself.
    Back to the point of this thread, what old laptops do you have? How do they perform compared to newer laptops you may have? What are they like to use?
    My laptop is 9 years old. It's an Acer Extensa 5235. The G button has fallen off but you still get a G pressing the board. The speakers arent loud whatsoever and they give no bass, but they sound alright. Windows 7 as stock but I've changed it to windows 10. 2.2ghz dual core Intel processor. 2gb ram, changed to 4gb ram. 2.89gb is usable if anyone knows how to fix that? 250gb HDD, bluetooth button too but apparently that model doesn't have bluetooth. 15.6" screen, DVD drive, 3 USB ports, and another port which I dont know what it is. Blue thing with some female holes for pins to enter when something is plugged in. Ethernet port, and only three screws holding the back panel on.
    It's one of them that if you saw in a second hand shop you would avoid, but I think its brilliant. It cost £25 off the Facebook marketplace, bought it just to see how it performed and if it was alright, it turned out to be the best £25 ever spent in the history of money. This laptop might sound useless to you, but despite the few things wrong with it, I find it awesome.
    What prehistoric machines have you got?
    MrDale93, Apr 23, 2019
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