Need help picking new laptop!

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by Rynathee, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Rynathee


    Mar 25, 2019
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    I need to buy a new laptop and need some advice on which model would be the best choice for my needs. It will be used primarily for document editing (high usage of MS Office apps with multiuple tabs of internet open at once). It will also be used for running photoshop and possibly some music production software (Logic and Superior Drummer mostly).

    So far I've determined that I need to look at systems with the following specs:
    - Display: 15"+ (1920×1080)
    - Memory: 16GB
    - Hard Drive: SSD + HDD combined
    - Graphics: dedicated

    Other than this, I'm not sure about further details of these specs, what else would be needed. I am partial to Lenovo (T460), as that is my work computer and I'm used to it. And I'm currently looking at the Lenovo Legion Y530. But I won't be doing any gaming on it at all.

    Any suggestions for which laptops might be best?

    Thank you!!
    Rynathee, Mar 25, 2019
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  2. Rynathee


    Dec 28, 2018
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    As of your need, you should go with the MSI GP63 which is a very good laptop for your need, It comes with Intel i7 8th Gen, 1TB HDD, 256GB SDD and has a Full HD 15.6 inches display. So I would suggest this one for you so go and check it out.
    ajaymehra, Apr 17, 2019
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