My mouse's scrolling wheel is squeaky.

Discussion in 'Storage' started by 1Kye, Mar 25, 2016.

  1. 1Kye


    Mar 24, 2016
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    So recently, I've noticed that whenever I scroll with my mouse, a small squeak would occasionally come out from it like how some old door hinges do the same. My first thought was to get a lubricant and apply it around the area, but I'm afraid that I might damage the mouse. Does anyone know the proper procedure to fix a squeaky scroll wheel?
    1Kye, Mar 25, 2016
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  2. 1Kye


    Feb 21, 2016
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    I think I am luck that I have never experienced this, because I know that this is something that would drive me bonkers. When it comes to those little noises and the small, subtle things that get to you I am the worst. I would be out there buying a new mouse in no time, which is probably a bad thing because it sounds fixable. Oh well, I hope that some grease or wd-40 or something simple like that does the trick.
    rz3300, Mar 26, 2016
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  3. 1Kye


    May 16, 2015
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    You would probably need to disassemble it and clean it or something. I doubt there's any kind of procedure that you have to follow, it differs from a mouse to the other. I've been using my Logitech mouse for almost 5 years now and it still works like it did on day 1 so I never hard to disassemble it. I've picked apart more than a dozen other cheap mice though and they more or less were easy to put back together after cleaning and fixing them from the inside. If your mouse is cheap you should probably give that a try if it annoys you too much. Weigh you options lol.
    Lun, Mar 26, 2016
  4. 1Kye


    Mar 22, 2016
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    Lubricant can work, yes. The worry about it damaging the wheel is somewhat unfounded unless it is a deep chemical lubricant. Otherwise, taking it apart and identifying the problem is your only recourse, sorry :( There's just nothing much else you can do.
    UpgradeMe, Mar 28, 2016
  5. 1Kye


    Apr 23, 2016
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    Maybe buy a new mouse? There are great ones with affordable prices, and you would never have to worry about the squeaking thing ever again. There's this great wireless gaming mouse for under 20 bucks that I found, it is really good, durable too, and yes, no more cord so the stress you get from tangled lines disrupting the mouse movement is gone too.
    OursIsTheFury, Apr 23, 2016
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