My first battery issue: dead while reporting 80% battery remaining

Discussion in 'Laptop Hardware' started by Jay A., Feb 4, 2018.

  1. Jay A.

    Jay A.

    Feb 4, 2018
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    Hi hardware ninjas!

    Battery on my LG laptop (13Z940) worked fine up to this point.
    However today I had an issue where the computed turned off while on battery power after just around 30 minutes of usage.
    It was still reporting 80% or so of remaining battery power.
    The computer refused to turn on and the energy indicator next to the power plug would blink, which means it was reporting that it could not turn on due to lack of power.

    I have generated a battery status report (Windows 10 feature) and uploaded it to this URL: report.html

    I would like to know if there's something in the report that confirms that I may have a faulty battery.
    Thanks in advance,
    - Jay
    Jay A., Feb 4, 2018
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