Modified BIOS to unlock Power Limit

Discussion in 'Modding and Customization' started by victordenis99, Apr 19, 2020.

  1. victordenis99


    Apr 19, 2020
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    I own an Asus Fx504-gm laptop with an 8th gen i7 and nvidia gtx 1060. I ve been having issues with random hard freezes and I later found out that absolutely anyone with this exact model has the same issue and not even Asus service can fix it as they just replace every component and the problem persists so my guess is that this is software related.

    I ve been noticing that I Always hit power limit(I monitorised it with afterburner) and so I have power limit throttling. The thing is, for this laptop the power limit is locked and I cannot modify it.

    My last resort is to try a modified bios that can unlock the power limit slider. My question is: Is this possible? Are there any modified bioses that can unlock the power limit or the only way is to unlock it via the motherboard? If so, where can I get a reliable modified bios for my laptop and how can I check compatibility? Thx.
    victordenis99, Apr 19, 2020
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  2. victordenis99


    Mar 21, 2021
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    ASUS vivo book series (high memory usage, overheating, CPU clock)
    Before attempting any of this i clime that i am not responsible for any data lose or other problems you experience neither is Microsoft, windows, ASUS, Intel. You do that at your own risk. READ INSTRUCTIONS FIRST TO SEE THE THE BLUE SCREEN RISK!

    ASUS VivoBook pro 15
    processor: intel core I7 8750H (mobile) @base speed: 2,2GHz
    may or may not set to your problems but this problem is old one and haven't seen a fix anywhere. why it happens i do not know, there are multiple reasons why. i am posting it because i was asked to . so i did a f ton of things to get rid of it, just installing the right 3th party app can be enough.

    solution goes to all those who have bought asus vivobook and are immediately experiencing overhitting, high CPU speed, memory usage, after first time installment or clean OS installation.... ASUS did not provide all laptops with power manager, and this "funny problem" (cold bee a full battery and your laptop plugged in, while the device was making a factory or some other performance scan and it goes like "o would you look at that i can run in turbo and i will never stop"...(that is just my thinking))

    this is on win10pro.. after a factory reset
    windows are installed and up to date as far as you could get it but the device just wont come down
    windows only needs 1core to run so don't freak out, but nothing needs it to run on super high cloaks, it can may and will do permanent damage to your device.

    1.)advanced power settings (using 1CORE from processor) processor min: 80%(1,70GHz) and max:0%
    google how to adjust CPU fen frequency

    2.) Turn off device and boot to BIOS, under advanced BIOS, >>ADVENCED>> DISABLE almost all settings. Save and exit.

    3.) Intel graphics driver, don't remove it leave it alone, until you are not shore it is a problem, i have a factory set one and is not not an issue, for more of that contact intel support. gen5 drivers are its own problem
    Reinstall all drivers, remove all win10updates and reinstall. Make a recovery(transfer all important files on a another drive, recovery wont help).

    4.)msconfig>boot setting>advanced> turn all all cores, assign ALL memory, and select PCL. >save boot settings. reboot device.
    5.) Advanced power settings>processor: switch to disable. (makes 2,2GHz on al 6CORES). reboot.
    got to config again, uncheck PCL, make all default and reboot. wait for connection to appear(internet)

    6.) install all the win updates (via ISO) or ms365 support(manly the communication update, just wont go trough) if it wont install or is stuck change advanced power settings max:100%,(let it transfer data on the corect khz, should work) and after install, put it back to 0%(1core will run at max 3,99GHz and 6cors at 2,21GHz that is exactly what we don't want so power it back down) DO NOOT REBOOT JUST NOW.

    7.)download a 3th party software four any intel processor of same family, open it up, (must contain turbo settings, turn it of).
    in msconfig: select debugging. SAVE IT(save boot load).

    8.) Should boot into a blue screen. with WIN repair (some "can not boot error, it will get fixed" (thats what the debugging setting is did), can restart on its own up to 3 times (shouldn't be repeating more than 3 times if it dos you are ******)with same massage. after it will prom that it will run diagnostics, and go to the last restore point.(that is why we moved all the date to another drive and made an restore) wait it out let it do what it does(it just reinstalls widows but leave the settings as you have set them and loses all data not relative to winOS(if lucky it makes windows.old folder, if you have something important in it take it out otherwise remove it from device, its just eating space, holding old installation in it, google how to remove it)).

    9.)follow instructions after repair, to log in winOS, can be that some updates are waiting for instalment(THE LAST ONE, the one where we did not reboot), do that, finish that update. go to config and look if all is back to default. the turbo must be turned off now.

    the 3th party software should have removed it self after the (system restore) , power manager advanced settings as set. But most importantly CPU is not hitting top max cloaks(kept the turn turbo off), works on 2,2 on 6Cor goes to 2,21 on its own when required, 2,2 on 1Cor goes to 3,8/3,9 when required. you don't have to DO THIS since make it be MIN1,7-MAX2,4/2,7, since a dumb ass update 20hz, but it will keep your laptop culler, and will still run in necessary clock ranges.
    DO NOT FORGET TO BOT TO BIOS AND TURN ALL OF THE SETTINGS YOU HAVE DISABLED BACK ON. specially if you want subsystem, VISUALISATION must be enabled, otherwise it wont work. tnx to 365 provide us with updates and ASUS US for support.

    hope that helps some1..

    Why do you think that happened? :p
    ChipsID, Mar 21, 2021
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