Looking for a convertibe laptop that can (mostly) run ubuntu

Discussion in 'Which Laptop should I buy?' started by yuri stein, Mar 23, 2020.

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    yuri stein

    Mar 23, 2020
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    Hello everyone,

    since my old laptop probably won't make it past the end of this month i've been scouring the internet all day for a convertible laptop that can (somewhat) run ubuntu, however i couldn't find any models matching my criteria. Now i'm posting here humbly asking for your suggestions; any and all advice would be very much appreciated.

    I don't care at all about brands or if the model has been relased a while ago. Also good specs like expensive graphics cards, a lot of storage etc. don't matter

    my criteria:

    - the most i'm willing to spend is 1400 $

    - it has to be a convertible laptop with a touch screen

    - stylus support with pressure sensitivity and palm rejection is a must since i like drawing on tablets

    - it should be possible run some version of ubuntu somewhat smoothly. What i mean by this is that i don't care if the touch screen looses it's functionality due to a lack of linux drivers or whatever, since in that case i would just set up a dual boot with windows. I mostly use ubuntu for coding and getting more into linux

    - a sturdy hinge that keeps the screen upright at all times (i read that some convertible laptops have issues with this)

    - an at least average keyboard (i loathe awful keyboards with non-responsive and tiny keys)

    I'm looking forward to hearing your views on this, and many thanks in advance!
    yuri stein, Mar 23, 2020
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