LM 19.1X on a flashdrive

Discussion in 'Linux' started by 69Rixter, Jun 20, 2019.

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    Jun 16, 2016
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    Have been trying to run LM distro (at present LM 19.1X) as "full install" from flashdrive. Been at this for a few yrs. now. Run into this: after full install (performed by the LM installer) there are always severe lags and freezes. This has proved to be over the last 5 versions of LM (LM 18.-LM 19.1) I've "installed" (not live) to an 8Gb-2.0 drive...8Gb not large enough to operate "full" install.--16Gb-2.0 and was told 2.0 not "fast" enough...16Gb-3.0--severe lags/freezes...32Gb-3.0--severe lags/freezes. I can run the distros "live" but would rather have full install...and get it operating properly. The "main HDD has Win 8.1". Anyone familiar with what I wish to do...and could help me understand where I've made a mistake/how to correct the issues I've experience? There are those who say they are doing just what I'm trying, but don't understand all the "issues" I'm having. HHHEEELLLPPP!!!

    69Rixter, Jun 20, 2019
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