Laptop used to suddenly turn off, not anymore - Why?

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by RichardMonk, Jan 11, 2020.

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    Jan 11, 2020
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    Hello an thank you for reading my message. I hope to find an explanation to something that happened to me a while ago.

    I have a Gateway NE56R11u that has always worked very well. Time passed, and it needed a battery replacement. I did it, and everything seemed to go well for a while, probably two months. Then, suddently, my laptop started to turn off unexpectedly. At some point, it did not turn on again. I thought the power unit, the start button, or something like that had gotten damaged. The point was that I had just bought a new laptop. And I put my Gateway in the closet and sat there for probably two years.

    Two days ago, I took it out, just out of curiosity, connected it, turned it on, and it worked. It is now as if nothing had ever happened. I noticed it seemed to get kind of warm, so I thought that maybe that was the reason it had failed in the past. I checked the working temperature for its processor (Celeron B820), and found it is OK to work in the rang of 65-85 Celsius degress. Mine is never over 70 C when working heavily and it is always around 50C.

    Does anyone has a hint of what might have happened. Could it be something with the battery replacement? Does Windows or the BIOS could have found any discrepancy regarding charges of the two batteries (old and new), and had caused the machine to turn off and not back on again, and such condition reversed after the long time the new battery was not in use and likely to lose its charge? I am just speculating.

    Your insights will be most appreciated.

    RichardMonk, Jan 11, 2020
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