Laptop loud with pretty high temps unless in power saving mode

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by Darius, Aug 24, 2019.

  1. Darius


    Aug 24, 2019
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    Hello!I have a laptop and I had just one battery mode[balanced mode].I searched on internet a fix and using cmd I got power saving mode,high performance and ultimate performance mode.My pc is pretty loud and the temps are pretty high unless it's in power saving mode.In power mode it's pretty quiet and in other modes it makes vacuum cleaner sounds.The laptop is pretty new[got it like 1 month ago or something so I don't expect the problem to be dust].Any advice?
    Asus TUF505DU [Ryzen 7 3750h GTX 1660 TI 8gb,8gb RAM]OS:Windows 10 PRO
    Darius, Aug 24, 2019
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