ideapad 100 ibd speaker

Discussion in 'Modding and Customization' started by moggul88, Sep 29, 2019.

  1. moggul88

    moggul88 Guest

    Hi i have an ideapad 100 ibd
    its upgraded with best wifi card, ssds, max gaming ram, etc

    but the speakers are a huge issue.

    It has a single toy speaker, in the centre.

    as you can see it has a single red and single black wire, into a white mono connector. could i split the wires and install two speakers,
    i can cut the case up to accomodate them, but i dont know if the power would be enough for two speakers

    maybe some from the 17" alienware laptops.

    anyone ever do this

    kyle .
    moggul88, Sep 29, 2019
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