Hp zbook g5 studio mobile work station cpu temperature

Discussion in 'HP / Compaq' started by idkbroidk, Jul 12, 2022.

  1. idkbroidk


    Jul 12, 2022
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    Hi how yall doing
    So my dell xps 13 9360 started acting up and shutting down randomly.
    I need a laptop rn so bad as im in the midst of an internship. I found a used laptop , the hp zbook g5 studio workstation, i wanted to ask: the temperature is in the forties as in 43c or so. It can go as high as 56 with not much load. Is it alright? Should i take it ?
    idkbroidk, Jul 12, 2022
  2. idkbroidk


    Mar 25, 2023
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    Yes, it is completely normal for a laptop to get in the fifties and even more under load. It will be a problem if it gets in the 90s territory. Modern laptop CPU's are designed to work way hotter compared to their desktop counterparts.
    Invictus, Mar 25, 2023
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