HP sold hundreds/thousands of laptops with the wrong specs! Were you affected?

Discussion in 'Laptop General Discussion' started by Maltje, Mar 11, 2021.

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    Mar 11, 2021
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    Im going to cut right to the chase. If you have recently bought an HP laptop from the HP website with an i7 1165G7 and an mx-450 you did not receive what you paid for and you could get financial compensation or your money back. The website clearly states that the mx-450 shipped with these devices have gddr6 memory. However, every single model that I have seen has an mx-450 with gddr5 memory, a gpu that is noticeably slower.

    To check what specs you have in your system go to nvidia control panel --> system information in the bottom left corner --> scroll down to dedicated video memory.

    To clarify the significance of this error by HP: The mx-450 with gddr5 memory can be used with the motherboards of previous generations of the mx-series gpus, mx-350, 250, etc. However, the mx-450 with gddr6 memory that you clearly paid for does not only have memory speeds which are almost double, but it requires a new motherboard which is more expensive. You have a price difference of 100-200£.

    If you know anyone who has recently bought a laptop from HP with the specs mentioned above tell them to contact customer service.

    Note: If anyone needs proof of this I have multiple screenshots/videos showcasing what the HP website states are the specs of the model and the specs of the device that I have received, showcasing serial number etc.

    Note 2: The website (UK) still says they are selling GDDR6 gpus, even though I was assured weeks ago that they would change this after I had complained about receiving a wrong product.

    Note 3: Ive been trying to get the word out to those who arent too familiar with technical specifications as they are the ones being scammed out of their money. If you know any other forums or website where I can post this information please let me know, so far Ive spread the word on some reddit sites and here
    Maltje, Mar 11, 2021
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