HP NX6110, replacing faulty WiFi card (Mini PCI)

Discussion in 'HP / Compaq' started by diex, Dec 10, 2014.

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    Dec 10, 2014
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    I have the laptop mentioned in the title. It seems to me that the wireless card has sufferd physical damage and therefore does not work. The blue led does not lit unless I press the card towards the slot while the machine is powered on, also it seems that there is a part (resistor?) missing from the cards surface as there seems to be contact points which look like there once was something on them. The card does not work even when there is blue led, it is not detected by Linux or Windows. In bios there is option for "internal modem" but I suppose that means the 56k modem, nothing directly saying WiFi or WLAN is not in bios so I guess the card just isn't detected.

    I tried installing generic Atheros -based card which resulted in 104 error, I immediately remembered that I once had this same thing with NC6000 model several years ago, the machine wants HP "brand" wireless card.

    This all leads me to believe that it is really the card which is faulty, not the slot so replacement should fix this. I already have USB WLAN which of course kinda fixes it but if I would buy replacement, can I use this:

    HP ZE2000 ZE2100 NX9600 Mini PCI Wireless WiFi Card BCM94306MPLNA New 802 11g | eBay

    Even though this exact model is not mentioned? It does say NX6120. There are cards for NX6110 on eBay of course, but the one I listed is the cheapest (price + shipping).
    I also read that there are ways to remove "whitelist" from the computer bios but it seemed so tricky, if I could find already modified bios then I could of course flash that.
    diex, Dec 10, 2014
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